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It is considered to be the national dish of Cyprus. It is produced during the summer months and can be preserved throughout the year, under the right conditions. It is consumed in the form of a soup in the winter and cooked using chicken broth accompanied with pieces of halloumi cheese.  

Frumenty is known all over Cyprus and particularly in villages, where live-stock breeding is developed. This tasty and nutritious dish is made from fine-ground wheat knead in a cylindrical form with a diameter of approximately 1 cm. To be ready for consumption, the frumenty is laid under the sun to dry, while it is also found in the form of thick soup.  

After being thoroughly washed, the wheat is ground up in a hand-mill. The grinding is done following a counter clockwise rotation so that the seeds will only peel and break but not become flour. Next, the wheat is mixed with sour milk and the mixture is placed above fire. Once boiled, the mixture becomes solid, which allows for it to be formed in small long pieces which are then laid under the sun to dry. These dry pieces are stored and preserved for long periods of time. Each time a housewife wishes to cook frumenty soup, she takes some of the stored pieces of frumenty, places them in water and then cooks them using meat broth. While the soup is being cooked, someone can add some fresh milk or even pieces of halloumi cheese which also cook with the soup. Frumenty soup is served hot after adding salt, pepper and lemon, according to individual preferences.   

This delicious and nutritious soup was highly popular among Cypriots in the past, especially during winter. A lot of hard workers used to eat frumenty soup at dawn, before leaving for work. However, it was also chosen as dinner during cold winter nights. Today, dried frumenty ready to be cooked is sold in supermarkets and continues to constitute the favourite winter soup for Cypriots. 


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