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Apostolos Varnavas

Located in the heart of the village and on the foothills of Fartalis is the church of Apostle Varnavas, founder of the Church of Cyprus.

In 1998, the construction of a larger church in the community was deemed necessary since the population had been growing in the previous years. As a result, the building of a new church which would serve the religious needs of all the residents began.

Using donations made by the residents and other loyal Christians, as well as with the financial aid of the Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus, the funds were gathered and the building of the church was completed within just three years. Hence, the Easter and the Passions masses were performed in the new church in April 2001.

The selection of the Saint’s name was decided after a voting was held by a 17-member committee responsible for the construction of the church. Amongst the names that were nominated for dedicating the church to included the names of the three churches located in the occupied areas, namely those of Apostle Andreas, Apostle Varnavas and Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos. The name of Apostle Varnavas received the most votes and therefore, a few weeks later, the foundation stone was placed baring the name of Apostle Varnavas.

The church of Apostle Varnavas is almost entirely covered in hagiographies and the memory of the Apostle is celebrated on June 11th.

SourceKyriakos Vorkas, Honorary President of the Ecclesiastical Committee of Apostle Varnavas

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