Whey cheese is a type of soft cheese. The process of the whey cheese starts after the completion of the first stage in the “halloumi” making process and after the curd has been removed from the milk whey. The whey cheese is heated while being mixed at the same time and once the whey has reached a temperature of 65°C, fresh milk is added to the mixture at a ratio of 5-10 % of the milk whey, while it continues to heat until it boils. The whey cheese surfaces and is removed using special strainers before being pressed to drain.

After being drained, the whey cheese can be left unsalted or can be salted once on the surface and can be consumed fresh. It can also be consumed unsalted but with some milk whey and with the addition of some sugar or honey, or someone can enjoy it in sweet delicacies such as whey cheese pies or other traditional sweets such as “mpourekia”. Fresh salted whey cheese can be consumed like any other type of cheese, but it needs to be preserved in a refrigerator. Dried whey cheese can be consumed grated on top different types of pasta. Whey cheese is an exclusively Cypriot cheese which is widely used as part of the Mediterranean diet, given that it is a low in fat product containing high levels of proteins.