The church of Agia Paraskevi was built in 1728, as this is revealed on a plate located inside the church. This plate, apart from church’s construction date, also bears the name of its benefactor, a man called Christodoulis.     

On the roof of the church one can distinguish 22 bowls, each of which, according to tradition, represents a Christian family. For this reason, it is believed that in the village there used to be 22 families which lived very close to the church. 

Our church considers Agia Paraskevi as the protector Saint of the eyes. A lot of residents of the village, as well as foreign Christians who had eyesight problems or were even partially or totally blind, would resort to the church of Agia Paraskevi offering oblations and crossing the eyes with holy oil and the Saint would actually cure them. 

The memory of Agia Paraskevi is celebrated on July 26th.

SourceKyriakos Vorkas, Honorary President of the Church Committee of Apostle Varnavas