As far as the naming of the community is concerned, the following four versions are available:

  1. According to the first version, in the old years the residents of the village used to cultivate a lot of vineyards. They used to drink a lot of wine and get drunk. The Greek word for getting drunk is “methw” and according to this first version this is where the naming Mathiatis derived from.
  2. According to a second version, at some point the village went through a long period of drought, during which the grains did not grow. As a result, the people of the village had to pluck them themselves. The Greek word for pluck is “Madaw”, from which the first name of the village, “Matho” and then the present name of Mathiatis derived from.
  3. The third version states that a very rich person called Mathews came to live in the village at some point and thus the village was named Mathiatis.
  4. The fourth and final version states that the first residents who settled in the village came from the village of “Amathkies” in the area of Tillyria. At first, the area was named Ammathkiotis and later on Mathiatis.