“Sikoses” refers to the carnival week and lasts from the Sunday of the Carnival until the following Sunday, the Lent Sunday. It is called carnival because anything related to meat is consumed so that it will not be eaten during the Lent period, when fasting begins.
On Lent Sunday the residents of the community dress up and visit houses of relatives and friends. They eat, drink and sing traditional songs with rhyme. In some houses, people still hang a boiled egg on the ceiling and all those who participate in the game try to catch the egg with their mouth and not their hands.  

During the previous decades, swings were installed so that young women of the village would sit on them and sing. More specifically, two girls would either sit with their backs facing each other or two girls would stand around a third girl who would sit on the swing and sing traditional songs.  

On Green Monday, the residents continue, even today, to go out in the fields and celebrate the beginning of the Lent period by eating fasting foods.