Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you, on behalf of the Mathiatis Community Council, to the official website of our Community.

With the creation of this website the Community Council of Mathiatis launches an important gate of information and communication for the residents of the community, our expatriates, as well as for everybody else interested in our community. 

Through our website we aim at projecting the local community, our history and culture, our folkways, our natural wealth and human creativity, as well as informing people about the activities and important decisions made by the Council.

On this website you can also make your suggestions and express viewpoints on how to improve the Council’s services, which we will study and implement wherever this is possible. 

Finally, we are always ready to provide any services that are to the best interest of our village and every one of you. We are all here to serve our village in a sensible and effective fashion.


Theodoros Kyriakou Tsatsos
Mathiatis Community Council President